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Allowing special things to happen.
Revealing the unexpected, understanding that which is foreign, seeking out the unusual. Evoking emotions.

We organize your incentive travel itinerary anywhere in the world, keeping every little detail in mind and supporting you as a full-service partner from start (destination selection) to finish (satisfied guests). Throughout it all, we make strange things familiar and turn familiar experiences into new ones, while always remaining focused on the people and the brand.

That's the only way success can be measured.

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Bringing people together, moving them and inspiring them in a lasting way.
Turning events into truly special experiences. Anchoring messages.

Successful events ensure that guests come away with memorable experiences.

We don't just bring your participants together, we inspire them for the long haul, because emotions are the only things that stay with people.

And so your message gets through right where it should.

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Using resources in a targeted way.
Leveraging networks and creating efficiency. Focusing on the essentials.

We find the right location for your event because we sit at the source.
You save valuable time, invest very little and get tremendous added value in return: a customized product tailored to your wishes.

Above all, you get to reserve your energy for what's important: your event.

Our history = our success story

Inspiring people is what drives us to do what we do. That's why we founded the Perlenfischer agency in 2008. We made our home in the picturesque city of Wiesbaden, and it is from here that we embark on our journeys of discovery all over the world. Today, we look back proudly on a solid client base in a host of industries – and we love our job just as much now as we did the day we started.
The basis of our success: We aren't a giant on an international scale, but a leader in the critical things – creativity, flexibility, expertise and many years of industry experience.

Our team = our best argument

We are especially proud of our team, which does all credit to our name.
With professionalism, fresh ideas and know-how, we consistently develop highly creative concepts and identify the world's most beautiful locations for you.
All of our "pearl hunters" are trained event managers and travel professionals with many years of experience in supporting demanding customers.
Plus, we're all pretty nice people in general, too :-).

Our mission = your event

We are strong, because we are globally networked and internationally active while still remaining independent.
We are inspirational, because we like to forge new paths.
We look on every job as an opportunity to inspire people.
That motivates us to find ideas our clients are proud of.
We are trustworthy, because we don't build castles in the air and are consistently aware of the feasibility of our ideas.

Mr. Fischer on the road, happy as a lark.
Our agency mascot is 100% airworthy, fits in your hand luggage and accompanies us to all the beautiful destinations we go to.
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